King’s Cup

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What is King’s Cup?

The perfect game to get the party started! King’s Cup is a drinking game played with a full deck of cards. Each player draws one card per turn and follows the rule that corresponds with that card. See the Official King’s Cup Rules below!

What You’ll Need –

  • Two or more friends
  • Drink of your choice
  • Hootenanny provides the cards!

The Official King’s Cup Rules

Hootenanny is the only website to hold everyone’s screens in the same position. That means the game will play just like you are sitting in a circle!

Ace- Waterfall

Everyone start chugging! When the person who picks the card stops drinking, the player to their right can stop drinking. This continues and everyone drinks until the person to your left stops drinking. (If you’re the last player in the circle… good luck!)

King- King’s Cup!

You make a rule! If someones breaks the rule, they drink. This rule is in place until the next King is drawn.

Queen- Question Master

The Question Master can pose a question at any time during the game. Their questions MUST be answered with a question or NOT AT ALL. If you answer their question without a question, you must drink. This person is the Question Master until the next Queen is drawn. Any questions? DRINK!

Jack- Thumb Master

The thumb master can at any point hold his/her thumb into view. When they do, everyone must also hold their thumb up to the screen. The last person to hold up their thumb DRINKS!

10- Categories

Pick a category (cities, furniture, liquor types, sex positions.. you get it). The person to your right then has to say something in the category without hesitation. This continues clockwise around the circle until someone messes up and DRINKS!

9- Rhyme

Pick a word to start, and the person to your right has to say a word that rhymes. This continues clockwise around the circle until someone messes up and, you guessed it… DRINKS!

8- Pick a Mate!

Pick someone to be your “Drinking Mate”. Whenever you drink, they drink. Whenever they drink, you drink. This lasts for the whole game. Got it? Choose wisely.

7- Heaven

Reach for the sky, fast! Everyone raise their hands up, the last person to do so DRINKS!

6- Dicks

Guys, DRINK! (We’re sorry this doesn’t have a better name, but we don’t make the rules.

5- Drive

Our personal favorite at Hootenanny. All players hold their hands up as if they’re driving a car. The person who draws the card starts the direction of the car by saying “Vroom” and leaning to the right. The next person can either say “Vroom” and lean the same direction as the person previous, or say “Skrrt” and lean in the opposite direction to change the rotation. Whoever wrecks the car DRINKS!

4- Ladies

Girls, DRINK! (Some websites use a different term, we’re gonna pass on that one)

3- Me

Hey you.. yeah you that picked the card.. DRINK!

2- You

Give out 2 drinks to the person of your choice.

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